Netranom Communications provides comprehensive wireless network solutions to support the delivery of voice, video, and date services.
We deliver high performance, scaleable, low cost solutions with unmatched service to fit your specific needs.  Netranom has successfully developed systems used for:

  • Metropolitan areas
  • Medical facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Entertainment
  • Business


Just as wired doesn't necessarily mean secure, wireless doesn't mean insecure. In a wireless environment, there are several ways to secure the transmission of data over the airwaves. Plug in any new Access Point and it generally works with very little set up. The bad news is that anyone with a wireless PDA or Laptop can not only browse our computer, they could even FORMAT the hard drive. A WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption key is one of the industry standard security protocols available with every wireless Access Point’s set up software. However, enabling this key does not ensure the network 100% secure. Like wired networks, Firewalls and the use of VPN’s are another way to deter the unwanted intrusion into our computing and network facilities. There are several new wireless encryption standards such as WPA (wireless protection algorithm) and TKIP (Temporal Keyed Integrity Protocol) that offer additional protection and are capable of meeting both healthcare and financial security requirements.  

BelAir Networks offers a very unique solution to wireless technology. The product can be deployed to offer a very high speed scalable wireless network solution, using 802.11 g and b, while delivering  up to 16 separate and secure network connections, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and high speed video streaming which hands off seamlessly to each AP across the network.  Cities can offer secure connections to individual municipalities and organizations while also opening a separate secure connection to the public.  This enables first responders and public safety (fire, EMS and police) with complete and secure wireless network availability. In addition, BelAir has been designed and manufactured as an outside deployment and has been tested to withstand all types of weather and climates.  All access points are made with stainless steel parts including 14 carat gold connections.

Each BelAir AP comes with WPA software ensuring top notch security. The new wireless encryption standards such as WPA (wireless protection algorithm) and TKIP (Temporal Keyed Integrity Protocol) that offer additional protection and are capable of meeting both healthcare and financial security requirements.

BelAir Advantages

  • Wide-Area Wireless Broadband
    • Complete solution for metro scale Wi-Fi infrastructure
    • Wi-Fi access today scaleable for other applications
    • Wi-Fi, WiMAX, cellular can exist on the same platform
  • Carrier-grade, outdoor solution
    • Integrated wireless mesh backhaul and wireless access
    • Delivers broadband data, voice and video services
    • Software to manage multiple applications
  • Target Markets
    • Metro Wi-Fi, Hospitality, Multi-Dwelling Units
    • Transportation & Logistics, Government
  • Common Platform for Service Delivery
    • All IP based
    • Voice
    • Video
    • Data
  • Support Standard Wi-Fi Clients
    • 802.11b or 802.11g
  • With Enterprise applications
    • Enterprise security
    • Multiple SSIDs and VLANs
    • VoWi-Fi
  • Large geographic coverage area
  • BelAir provides entire wireless infrastructure
    • Local Wi-Fi access coverage
    • Wireless mesh network for backhaul
    • Long haul point to point wireless links
  • Multiple Point-to-Point Mesh with Wi-Fi Access
    • High capacity, robust, secure wireless backbone
      • Reduces backhaul costs
    • Enables wireless access nodes to be placed where needed
      • Provide Wi-Fi coverage inside buildings from the outside
  • Same software for BelAir100, BelAir200, BelAir50c
  • First wide-area Wi-Fi solution to support multiple applications (private and public) over a single network
    • MSSID – up to 16 virtual Wi-Fi networks
      • 1 public and 15 private SSIDs mapped to separate VLANs with different security policies
    • Enables different service providers on a single infrastructure
    • Supports open public and secure private applications
    • Voice Support
  • Enhanced security
    • 802.1x authentication and TKIP for access
    • AES encryption for newer Wi-Fi client cards
    • TKIP support on backhaul links
  • Interference detection from other systems
    • Rogue AP Detection on the BelAir200
  • BelAir delivers the ONLY Wi-Fi products that supports metro scale deployments in urban areas
    • Large mesh with just a few wired backhaul locations
    • Cover outdoor street level or inside buildings up to 25 stories
    • Use wireless mesh to go around obstructions
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Belair Case Products

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Engenius Technologies continues to be an industry leader in communications solutions for demanding business environments.  As a leader in Long Range Data Communications Systems, Engenius offers a wide variety of solutions for the SMB market.

Engenius offers Outdoor AP/Client Bridge devices, Indoor AP/Client Bridge devices as well as many other wireless accessories.


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