8/1/2005  Netranom integrates wireless network for Eagles

To improve convenience for their fans, the Philadelphia Eagles wanted to implement a wireless point-of-sale system (POS) to enable in-seat food order processing and credit card purchases. This allows fans to place food and beverage orders from their seats and never miss the game. Given the high level of security needed to process credit card transactions, the Eagles were very selective when looking for a wireless solution.

“We contacted Netranom and needed an RFP (Request for Proposal) response within 48 hours. They surveyed the site and provided us with one of the highest quality responses within the submission deadline. Our project timeline was 6 weeks. The physical network was up and running within three weeks and total installation was completed within five weeks.” said John Pawling, IT Director for the Philadelphia Eagles. “BelAir and Netranom provided any resource necessary to complete the project within our timeline.”
“The BelAir product has exceeded our expectations. We covered the entire venue above ground (approximately 1.3 million square feet) with only 22 AP’s and the equipment has been very reliable.”

Netranom’s service went beyond installation; they continued to provide training and support throughout the 2005 Eagles home season.

Quick response, expert technical support, and rapid deployment from Netranom helped the Eagles provide greater services to their fans while driving increased concession revenue for 2005.