4/10/2007  Netranom becomes LEVITON Authorized Installer

Netranom Communications Inc. (Hurricane, WV) is pleased to announce that it has fulfilled the requirements of Leviton to become an Authorized Installer.

Leviton is a 100 year old company that continuously meets the growing need for telecommunications and high speed data technologies. Today, Leviton provides complete copper, fiber and power network connectivity for enterprise, data center, service provider and residential applications.

Leviton Network Solutions is a Division of Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc., a world-renowned corporation specializing in the design, development, and production of electrical and telecommunications wiring devices with a successful 100-year history. Leviton is dedicated to producing complete copper, fiber, and wireless connectivity solutions for enterprise, data center, and service provider networks. Because we know network excellence is critical to you, we do everything we can to be sure our products and services will meet and exceed your every need.

COMPLETE CUSTOMER SERVICE: We believe service comes in many forms. With expert technical support, dedicated Specification Engineering, and the Certified Cabling System program, we help our customers truly understand how and when to use our products in this rapidly developing industry.

CONSISTENT QUALITY: We have a commitment to continuous improvement. To achieve that goal, our manufacturing and engineering functions are consistently monitored and perfected through the use of quality assurance tools such as Six Sigma Quality Improvement and ISO 9001-2000 Standards.

INSTALLATION TEST FACILITY: We want to know our products will work for you every time in every installation. So we test all our products in a rugged environment designed to emulate typical real-world installations. If our products perform there for us, they will perform anywhere for you.

INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION: In addition, our products are independently tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The products used in testing are randomly acquired and tested every quarter for an absolutely objective view of performance.

LEVITON WARRANTIES: Leviton produces the highest quality products available and backs them with one of the strongest warranties in the industry. Performance guarantees are backed by a lifetime performance warranty and applications assurance on certified installations.